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Adding Compression yes enables compression of the SSH connection along with any X11 traffic.

X11 and Slurm

There are several flags that pertain to X11 that are accepted by srun and sbatch:


This is the default, and provides X11 forwarding to the first compute hosts allocated. This is the flag utilized when requesting X11-enabled interactive session, as seen above.


This provides X11 forwarding to the last of the compute hosts allocated.


This provides X11 forwarding from all allocated compute hosts, which can be quite resource heavy and is an extremely rare use-case.


This supports use in a batch job submission, and will provide X11 forwarding to the first node allocated to a batch job.

In general, you should only ever need either first or batch (recall that using --x11 with no parameter defaults behavior to first). If you think you might require last or all, please contact us so we can assist you with setting up your workflow.

Troubleshooting X11 forwarding