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In O2 we minimized the number of available partitions (or queues) to simplify the job submission process.

You can use the flow chart below to find out which partition is best for the type of jobs you plan to run.

Note 1: all partitions can currently be used to request interactive sessions; the interactive partition has a dedicated set of nodes and higher priority.

Note 2: all partitions can run single or multi-core jobs (O2 does not have an mcore queue). For more information about parallel jobs in O2  read our dedicated  wiki page

Details about the available partitions are reported in the table below


Job TypePriorityMax coresMax runtime limitMin runtime limit
interactiveinteractive142012 hoursn/a

2 job limit, 20 core limit, 250GB / job memory limit





122012 hoursn/a20 core limit, 250GB / job memory limit
medium6205 days12 hours20 core limit, 250GB / job memory limit
long42030 days5 days20 core limit, 250GB / job memory limit


5 daysn/ainvite-only. Email rchelp
priority142030 daysn/a

limit 2 jobs running at once (like Orchestra priority queue), 20 core per job limit

250GB / job memory limit

transfern/a45 daysn/a

limit of a 5 concurrently cores per user

for transfers between O2 and /n/files

See File Transfer for more information.

Invite-only. Email rchelp.

gpun/a20120 GPU hoursn/asee the Using O2 GPU resources page for more details
highmemn/a165 daysn/ainvite-only. Email rchelp

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