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O2 is a platform for Linux-based high performance computing at Harvard Medical School. The name is derived from being the next generation of the HMS "Orchestra" cluster, hence "O"2.

Getting Started with O2 and Slurm

O2 Jobs and the Slurm scheduler

Software and Programming on O2

General UNIX Information

Data Storage

Cluster Status


Our cluster status page has details of service outages and planned maintenance.

September 18 - Service Degradation

O2 has been experiencing intermittent problems with its authentication system on login, transfer, and compute nodes. This issue can potentially result in: slow or failed logins to O2, Missing group membership, Failed job submissions. We are working with the software vendor to resolve this.

August 9 - Service Degradation

New jobs are intermittently not starting on the cluster (or the sbatch command has errors) due to an issue with cluster-storage communication. We believe that currently running jobs are still executing normally. Disk read/writes may be slower than usual, which can cause other commands to be slow. We will provide details as we get them.

July 8: notes after the July OS/Slurm update

  • Jupyter Notebooks users should start a new environment and remove any old runtime directories.
  • "sbatch" no longer uses the "–x11" option in the new version of Slurm. Just remove it from your script and X forwarding should work by default.
    • "srun" commands still require "–x11" to enable X forwarding, though.
  • If you have any custom built software, you may need to recompile or relink it on O2.

Two Factor Authentication:

All O2 cluster logins from outside of the HMS network require two-factor authentication. Please see:

Community Events

User Training

  • Classes are offered each semester to the HMS community to help you ramp up your research skills!
  • Please check the User Training page for courses, dates, and registration

Office Hours

Intermediate Slurm

Grants and Citation Information

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